U.S. Cellular Field is the Chicago White Sox's park. It can hold 40,615 people. The outfield walls are between three to four hundred feet from home plate and they stand eight feet tall.

Above the center field consecion stands is the fan deck. From there you can get an excellent view of the ball park. It is available for private group outings.

Located through Gate 2 of the ball park you will find the Miller Lite Bullpen Sports Bar. You must be twenty-one or older to enter.

Pontiac Fundamentals is a small section of the ball park where children can go to practice there hitting, pitching and base running.

Near Section 101 you will find the Scoreboard gift shop. Here you can find all sorts of White Sox merchandise.

In two sections of the ball park there is a rain room. If you happen to come on a hot summer day you are able to go to one of these rooms that have mist in them and cool off.

On the main level behing home plate you will find the Transportation Both. This is where you can get up to date weather reports and fill out designated driver forms.

The Conference & Learning Center at U.S. Cellular Field is a good place to hold corporate meetings.

At the Advanced Ticket Window you are able to get better tickets or buy some for future games.

On the 100th level of the ball park you will find the Majestic Gift Shop. This gift shop is open even when the White Sox are on the road.

At the Majestic Custom T-Shirt Shop you will find all the White Sox apperal.

The New ERA Cap Corner is the perfect place to find White Sox team hats.

At U.S. Cellular Field they have a Speed Pitch Machine. This is where people can go to see how fast they can throw.

Of course the ball park features Bank of America ATMs.

At the field they have a Pet Check where people can bring thier pets for a minimal fee.

Of course U.S. Cellular Field wouldn't be complete with out a U.S. Cellular Store. Here you can buy and set up phone service.

At the White Sox Charity Both you can make a donation to the charity of your choice.

The field features a White Sox Legends Sculpture Field where they have sculpters of the past great White Sox players.

The U.S. Cellular Field Guest Relations Booth is where you go to find service elevators and get coat checks.

If you do ever visit U.S. Cellular Field have a wonderful time. There is plenty to do. USC