Shingo Takatsu (高津 臣吾, Takatsu Shingo) (born November 25, 1968 in Hiroshima, Japan) was the White Sox closer before Bobby Jenks. He was the closer until the 2005 season when a number of bad games caused Manager Ozzie Guillén to give the closer spot to Bobby Jenks.

Takatsu's nickname is Mr.Zero because he's given up zero runs in eleven games in the Japanese Championship. After the White Sox Takatsu played for the New York Mets before returning to Japanese baseball. He currently plays for the Sinon Bulls.


(as of 2008) Japanese Professional Leagues:

  • 573 Games
  • 36 Wins
  • 41 Losses
  • 273 Saves
  • 3.11 ERA

Major Leagues:

  • 99 Games
  • 8 Wins
  • 6 Losses
  • 27 Saves
  • 3.38 ERA

South Korean League:

  • 18 Games
  • 1 Win
  • 0 Losses
  • 8 Saves
  • 0.86 ERA

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